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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Changes are coming

It seems that Blogger's servers will not allow me to make changes to my blog's template, I have decided to switch to a different service. Right now, it looks like it might me Movable Type, although I need some help accomplishing this. In the mean time, I have started temporarilly blogging to a dfferent site with a different name: PeoriaPUNDIT. Don't change your links, I probably won't be here for more than a week or two.

Reprinting a reprint

The Safety Valve last month went into its vaults and reprinted an article about the relative safety of nuclear waste as compared to the hazards of coal-powered electricity.
Now ... where is the concern for the millions of tons of highly toxic sludge and fly ash from coal-fired plants, which not only is stored in the most primitive facilities, but will be as fresh and deadly a million years from now as the day it puked out of the plant? No half-life for chemical waste.
Even more to the point, if coal-fired plants had to meet NRC regs, they'd all be shut down. Coal contains radon, and the average plant dumps more radioactivity into the air each hour than Three Mile Island did during the entire event.
Number of people killed in America by nuclear power since its introduction 50 years ago: 0.
Number of people killed each year mining and transporting coal, and as a result of pollution from coal-fired power plants: 8000 to 10,000 (Source: OSHA).

As liberals whine that liberating Iraq is a really all about oil, and that driving an SUV is the moral equivalent of aiding Osama bin Laden, where is the left-wing agitation for a switch to clean, safe nuclear power? There is no such thing, because all liberals know about nuclear power is that it causes iguanas to mutate into giant lizards that attack Tokyo.

Please read the whole article.