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Saturday, April 13, 2002
Cutomer service from hell
After being offline for almost a month, I am back and able to use the Internet. I moved from my small house in Peoria Heights to a larger home in somewhat less appealing Peoria neighborhood. Peoria Heights is run like a small village, while Peoria is run like a big city -- with as much corruption as possible. Feh. Well, I had to move: the rent in Peoria Heights was killing me and I know have more room for less money.
Getting my broadband cable service transferred was a major hassle. I moved in here on March 22 and boxed my computer two days before then. It took until April 13 for the Insight Communications to get someone here for just thirty minutes to install a coaxial cable. They absolutely refused to set up an appointment to install the internet until after the television cable was installed, which took almost a week. On the day that was accomplished, I called Insight and they refused to take an order because the I insisted on separate bills. I finally got them to set up an appointment for Sept. 11. I took a half-day off work. No one showed up, so a called and was asked: "What appointment?" After spending another thirty minutes on the phone pointing out how stupid they were, they agreed to send someone out on the morning of Saturday, April 13.
I got up early and waited. At 8:45 a.m., I got a phone call from Insight asking exactly what was it I needed. I told them I needed a coax cable installed near my PC so I could hook up my existing modem. "Oh, we can't do that today because everyone is too busy. We'll set up an appointment for April 16." After I screamed and yelled, I asked the hapless worker to put on her supervisor, who promptly told me nothing was their fault that I would have to be patient. They transferred me to a voice mail account.
I left a message, fumed for a few minutes, then called back and asked to speak to a supervisor. I got a different person. I explained to this person what the problem was. She looked at their computer and then she told me the only record they have of an appointment was the one on April 16. At one point, this person used the phrase, "if indeed" I had an appointment. I accused her of calling me a liar and asked why I got a call asking me what work I needed to have done today if indeed I did not have an appointment. I asked her for her supervisor and she said he was not in. I said that I took a day off work TWICE to get this done and I wanted someone to live up to Insight's obligation. She got snotty and I asked for her supervisor's name and phone number. She said he was not in. I said I needed to speak to this person immediately about her attitude, her accusation that I was lying about having an appointment and her refusal to sent an available technician to take care of the service problem. She said she would have him call that day.
He never called.
But I did get a call from someone at Insight -- who again asked that it was I needed. I swear, these people need to pull their collective heads out of their butts and learn how to communicate. After I explained what I needed for the fourth time that day, they said they have dispatched a truck was Washington, Ill., to my home in Peoria. For those who don't know the area, I am sure it took 30 minutes to make the drive. There must have been other Insight trucks in the area, but they must have been assigned to make other appointments for customers they value more highly than I.
He knocked and the door, I showed him where the computer was and he was done less than a half hour later. In the end, all it was a cable installation.
Certainly, I am not the first cable internet customer of theirs who moved. Yet it was like having to reinvent the wheel.
I expect a call from this guy, Jeffery Scott, on Monday or Tuesday. I intend to tell him exactly what I think of the miserable way he runs his office.
UPDATE: The cable Internet service has been running great these past few months. There have been occasional outages, but when I call to find out what happened, I ask for credit on my account, which they invariably give to me. I never did get a call back from Jeffery Scott. He ears must have been burning, though.
UPDATE cont. -- They still aren't giving us seperate bills. This is three months after I first got service at this location. They promise to get it right this time. If I get only one bill, I am calling back and getting the name, address and phone number of the CEO of the corporation. And the name of the local moron in charge.